Bechuanaland (but obsolete).
South African Lop-eared
Special Characteristics: 
Relatively large size (60–75 cm height, and 40–44 kg weight); head not very strong; forehead is flat to prominent; facial profile is straight and relatively short; 69% of males and 79% of females have horns; ears are medium in length, broad and lopped; neck is rather long; chest is fairly broad but shallow; back is straight; legs are relatively long; coat colour is very variable with mixed colours predominating, white is the next most common colour, followed by black, brown and grey; coat hair can be short and fine, intermediate and wavy or long (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Mainly found in Botswana along the eastern and southern boundaries; also in Zimbabwe and Bophuthatswana close to common borders; total goat numbers in Botswana were estimated at 1.2 million in 1986, 97% of which were under traditional management; the climate is semi-arid to arid with one short, unreliable rainy season in summer with as many as 50 nights per year with temperatures below 00c; the production systems are pastoral, agro-pastoral and some commercial holdings (Wilson, 1991).