Bantu, Matabeleland, Matebele
Small South African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
Generally similar to the Tswana goats; body size is large (50–55 kg for males and 39 kg for females); head is rather fine, flat forehead, straight and dished profile; horns are rare, but when present, males have flattened horns directed backwards with little lateral tendency, and females have scimitar shaped, fine horns; ears are medium in length, broad and lopped with tip occasionally turned up; beards in both sexes; neck is short; back is short and dipped with withers lower than sacrum, short croup and sharply sloping; legs are long; coat colour is variable with white and cream being predominant; coat hair can be short or long; and males have longer thick hair over shoulders, chest and legs (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Limited to the southwest of Zimbabwe, but smaller goats with shorter ears similar to the Small East Africa group are found in the remaining areas of the country; the climate is semi-arid and the production system is principally agro-pastoral (Wilson, 1991).