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Long-legged sheep
Special Characteristics: 
Strong and elongated head; facial profile is in males and straight in females; males are horned, but only a third of the females have light and rudimentary horns; coat colour is variable, and can be red or black pied, white or black, depending on local varieties (Futake, Banamba, Burkina) (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Inhabits semi-arid and arid areas of west-central Mali and adjoining areas of Burkina Faso under agro-pastoral and pastoral management; in Mali the sheep are kept in sedentary, rain-fed millet and irrigated rice growing areas; in Burkina Faso they are maintained by the Fulani agro-pastoral communities.
Developed out of interbreeding of Sambourou and Maure sheep in west-central Mali and adjoining areas of Burkina Faso.