Manguni, Matabele, Inkone, Govuvu,Ngoni
Nguni group
Special Characteristics: 
Genetically improved Nkone have good beef characteristics.
Main Location: 
Found in Matabeleland in southern Zimbabwe and Matopos Research Station.
Matabele cattle have been selected and bred by commercial farmers since 1946. The breed name 'Manguni' was used for some time. The breed society was formed in 1967, and two years later the name was changed to Nkone. The Matabele people use them for dairy and beef, while the commercial Nkone herds are selected only for beef (Felius, 1995). The original Matabele cattle were essentially Nguni by descent from the present-day South Africa. Subsequent migration and interbreeding led to infusion of some blood from neighbouring Sanga cattle, the breed is now genetically more heterogeneous than, and more distant from, other members of the Nguni group. There was reported to be a single pure Nkone herd based at the Matopos Research Station (Rege and Tawah, 1999).