all Resistance Against Disease Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Tolerant to ticks and tick-borne diseases. Swazi, Zulu , South Africa
Overall An exceptional ability to with stand and resist diseases such as blue tongue, prussic acid poisoning and, to a lesser extent, enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney). Less susceptible to infection caused by internal parasites as the breed prefer to graze above the Unspecified-1402883399, South Africa
Overall Tolerant of babesiellosis, anaplasmosis, heartwater and mastitis but not of lumpyskin disease or to ticks. They are also said to be resistant to lice and to biting flies Unspecified-1402883383, Madagascar
Overall Trypanotolerant. Tolerant to gastrointestinal parasites. Konkomba , Togo
Unspecified From redwater and gallsickness and epizootic appear sooner to loose their virulence. Unspecified-1402883388, Zimbabwe