Julie Ojango

Julie Ojango is a Research Scientist working at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and is also a Senior Lecturer in Animal Genetics and Breeding. Julie has excellent knowledge in Animal breeding and Genetics and very good skills in data management and analyses. She is well versed in dairy cattle production systems found in developing countries and has a good understanding of gender sensitivities and issues related to livestock production. She also has excellent skills in capacity development for sustainable use of animal genetic resources and working with partners from different countries. She is actively involved in the supervision of MSc and PhD student’s research. Througn working with farmers in the Kenya Livestock Breeders Organization, she has been instrumental in ensuring a national database on various livestock is maintained.

 Julie is a strong believer that the best way to help developing countries to change is to develop a well informed and educated population that can drive the changes desired. Since 2006, she has led a project on Capacity Building for Sustainable Use of Animal Genetic Resources in Developing Countries. As the project leader, she has planned, organized and facilitated capacity building courses and workshops in Africa, South Asia and South East Asia, and has and overseen the overall production of this version of the training resource.